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An Intuitive Sonic Soundscape is created for you to play in. A space for your natural curiosity to explore and embrace your imagination. Allowing your greater being to take the wheel and drive. Ride the sound waves & pierce through the veil into the unseen - The Sonic Environment will assist you with dropping in deeply & guiding your connection to your dreaming. In this space you will receive exactly what you & your soul need at this present time (every experience will be uniquely different) 

The frequencies, vibration & rhythm of sound illuminate & clear blockages that obstruct you from Remembering who you are. Activating & attuning you to your TRUE NATURE. Accelerating what is being born out of your dreaming and quantum leaping  you into alignment with your souls chosen path. All in service of your mission, organic soul growth and your truest expression of your Soul frequency. 


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Intuitive Reading

My intention for you is to shine a light on any energetic influences you may not be able to see. These influences can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Shining a light on these influences allows you to access different perspectives, wisdom, insight & guidance, in regards to yourself, your relationships or challenging situations in life that will assist you in learning the lessons you need to learn, make necessary changes for you to grow, empower, accelerate and support you in aligning yourself to what your heart and soul desire to live out this lifetime & come HOME back to yourself.

I am here to be a messenger, to use my gifts as an Intuitive Empath & Healer to deliver the insight & guidance you need to hear from your Greater Being, your Soul, & Spirit Allies. 

I want to support you in positively strengthening your connection to your own inner wisdom, guidance and intuition, so that you may learn to have faith and trust in yourself and begin to feel just how supported you are by your Greater Being, your Spirit Team and the Universe.

It's time to REMEMBER who you are & to CHOOSE you!

Reiki Energy Healing

We are all born with the power to heal ourselves. Our bodies hold a sacred intelligence that naturally knows how to heal, maintain balance & be in harmony with self and with everything that exists. Our Ancient Ancestors were highly attuned to this intelligence and innate wisdom. Living in harmony & interconnectedness with nature, living & non-living beings.

Over time and in the current reality of modern life, as a collective our focus & attention has shifted to placing more importance & value on what is outside of ourselves than what exists within.


We are constantly being exposed to, living in & feeding ourselves toxic energy - subconsciously. We have accumulated & inherited traumatic memories, beliefs, feelings & emotions stored in the body that create dissonance & conflict within, manifesting imbalances in the Mind, Body & Soul. This clouds our access to connecting with our bodies natural ability to heal itself.

My deepest intention by offering this service is to support you in transforming & transmuting any energies that block you from your connection to your truest self. So that you may remember just how powerful you really are. I wish to encourage you to remember  & develop how to connect to your own natural ability to heal yourself.

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1-on-1 Mentoring 

If you’re feeling blocked and unable to move forward in life or if you are struggling to understand why you may be going through certain challenges in your life, business or relationships, working with me one on one might be the thing that could help you break free.

I can help you discover emotional patterns, recognise and break cycles, move through fear, help shed cultural, familial, social and self-limiting beliefs, help you rediscover and trust your own intuition, help you see and learn the lessons in all situations, help show you how to empower yourself, help you learn how to move into self-love, I also help you find your own inner medicine and so much more.

My Mentoring sessions are heart-centered, open-minded, non-judgemental, eye-opening, spiritual, empowering and healing. They can shift you from your logical mind and into your heart and move you from fear into love and compassion.

Working with me is definitely not for everyone. You need to have a very open mind as the way I work may be a little woo woo for some. I bring a spiritual perspective to life and it is essential you are open to this realm. You must be open to looking at things very differently to what you may be used to. You must also be open to looking at yourself without judgment.

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