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Be Who You Were Always Meant To Be!

Your SOUL SONG is your birth-rite.

It is the very essence and vibration/frequency of your Soul -  the Origin of your Soul.

It isn't just the lifetimes that you have lived, the the wisdom, knowledge, lessons & gifts that you have learnt & mastered in those lifetimes or even the many aspects of you that exist in this lifetime -  it is the Origin Point of when you were first created - untainted & so innocently pure.

As babies and children we are born into this world already having a very strong connection to this Soul Song. The problem is, for most of us, our Soul Song through life has been distorted, muted, hidden, or buried so deep that we cannot hear it anymore.

We all have a Soul Song - that certain something that sets us apart from everyone else. It is what makes us, unique and different.

The unique Soul Song we express in this world weaves co-creatively in relationship to others who are also singing (expressing)  their Soul Song that then creates balance & harmony. Like an individual instrument playing within a symphony.

Singing your Soul Song activates others into remembering & awakening to theirs! We are all in service to one another.

So unapologetically Sing your Soul Song!



The Voice is the foundation that we work with in SOUL SONG ACTIVATION.

It is so important to heal the relationship you have with your voice. Your inner & outer voice is your self-expression and that can look different to everyone, the voice is not just defined by sound but it can also be; dance/movement, song, music, poetry, painting, the way you dress or anything that encompasses an outward expression of who you truly are within.


Many of us have been disconnected and cut off from our voices unable to use them. We are consciously and unconsciously feeling the impacts of collective & intergenerational oppression but also our own individual soul wounding around being heard which keep us mute, in fear & unable to express. 


Within our voice we carry the exact frequency we came here to be.  When we begin to connect consciously, use it & hear it back it actually reflects to you on a very intimate level who you are deep down at the core and that comes through what ever expression you choose to express yourself in this world.


this is why the voice (expression - dance words poetry song whatever you do to express what is inside of you is your soul song)  is so potent. So when it comes out with voice in particularly we’ve been so disconnected fro that there is so much wounding around oppression of voice of expression in whatever capacity that is but inside of your voice you carry the remembrance the exact frequency and that is why it is so important to create a relationship with your voice because it actually reflects who you are inside deep down at the core and that comes through what ever expression you choose to express yourself in this world.



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