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To the dreamers & the creative beings who know in the depths of their heart, that there are possibilities beyond what you & we as a humanity are experiencing right now…This Sacred knowing, is calling you to REMEMBER your power, in your Dreaming!


If you find yourself in this space right now your Soul has heard the ancient call to:


You know with every fibre of your being that you are here on this earth, to be a way shower, a cycle breaker, a paradigm shifter, a shadow diver, a light bringer and a bridger of worlds.


You are here to live your Original intention in High Definition & bring your Dreaming to life.


Embodying new ways of being & birthing creations that will change not only your life but the lives of our future generations.

Inside of you lies a portal, a gateway to a world we historically have been severed from. It’s time to come HOME. From this place of connection, INFINITE possibilities that can be lived & expressed through you...become available! The answers you seek do not lie outside of you, they live entirely within. 


We as a collective conspired to activate this powerful force within us (especially at this time on this planet) that allows us the ability to choose to live the impossible.


We are moving into a new embodied  & integrated way of being -  beyond ego, polarities & separation. Where the ancient knowing that we are all one and intimately interconnected becomes all-encompassing. 


A reality where your dreaming exists right here, right now. It isn’t something “out there” beyond your reach. It’s right here -  if you are ready to experience it & claim it fully.  You don’t have to go anywhere, do anything or be anything to have access to this power.


Don't you know you were born with this power?

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Even though you yourself can connect to your dreaming and you always have access to it (in fact many parts of you are always connected) to go there consciously & use the ancient technology of SOUND is an experience that cannot be described with words but experienced & felt entirely with all of your senses.


guided & Intuitive Sonic Soundscape experience created for you to play in. A space for your natural curiosity to explore and embrace your imagination. Allowing your greater being to take the wheel and drive. Ride the sound waves & pierce through the veil into the unseen - The Sonic Environment will assist you with dropping in deeply & guiding your connection to your dreaming. In this space you will receive exactly what you & your soul need at this present time (every experience will be uniquely different) 

The frequencies, vibration,  language of soul/light & rhythm of sound -  illuminate & clear blockages that obstruct you from Remembering who you are. Activating & attuning you to your TRUE NATURE. Accelerating what is being born out of your dreaming and quantum leaping  you into alignment with your souls chosen path. All in service of your mission, organic soul growth and your truest expression of your Soul frequency. 





A SONIC DREAMING Sound Activation is released approximately every month with an intuitively guided collective energetic theme.


There is a library of different Activations that may call to your Soul. Trust what you feel the pull to.

You will receive a ZIP File with an MP3 recording & some Journalling Questions to support you with your integration.

This offering is for Souls who feel confident in immersing themselves into their dreaming and do not require additional support  in understanding the symbolism (language of the Soul) within their experience or how to apply and integrate it into their life.


A SONIC DREAMING experience specifically created & designed for your Soul.

I will guide & support you for the duration of your experience whilst you enter your dreaming. Co-creating an open channel of intuitive questioning that will assist you in extracting the messages, insights, wisdom & soul medicine you need right now. I will also be available after your experience to support you with integration.

This offering is for Souls who want to journey much deeper and would like the individualised support and access to me in assisting them in connecting the puzzle pieces of what they experienced or to gain an understanding of how their experience is connected to their life & how it can be integrated & applied.

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"Your voice is amazing - when it comes it just hits your soul with such impact that it literally shakes my soul to its core. It's very rare to have someone sing and speak things to you that you have no comprehension of the meaning but your soul comprehends it." - Thai

I've always been a dreamer... Only now is it making sense that I am being asked to be a vessel to share Dreaming with those who are here to remember! This path is not for everyone and that's ok! I'm here to show you that there is another way of being that challenges & smashes through the perceived limitations of this world!


My experience of living my dreaming is one of magic, beauty & divine grace. Even in the most excruciating of times, it's a deep initiation into loving yourself unconditionally.


Our dreaming is all around us, not just when we close our eyes to sleep. Guiding, teaching & weaving into our everyday reality. The limitless possibilities are endless. Dreaming goes beyond having to work hard to love yourself, manifest create or to heal. It's organic and natural. In fact it actually takes more effort to do the opposite.


As multidimensional beings we already know how to to do this but we forgot on purpose so that we could experience every facet of the human experience & learn about true unconditional love. My dreaming has always been leading me HOME back to my true nature.


Can it be challenging? Of course! Am I living my dreaming every second of the day? Ummm No...It's a practice & takes conscious effort - and that's ok!

But when I do...It's soooo SIMPLE & EASY. There are so many layers that we have had to take on from this world that do not allow us to access to our truest selves and those are the parts that are resisting & getting in the way of us connecting to ourselves.


If you are willing to open yourself up to the possibility -  that there is so much more than what we've been been led to believe, that you are so much more...Your dreaming will find you! May you experience the absolute joy of living your authentic Soul Song!

With Love, Annalie xo

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