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Safe Space - Online Mini Retreat happens once a month on a Sunday at 9:30am - 2pm. Each mini retreat is done via Zoom.

***FREE EVENT at this point in time - subject to change in the future***

The focus and intention of this mini retreat is to connect with like hearted people, share, learn, heal and grow together. To have a space free from judgement - where you feel safe to be all of you. 

There is no agenda for these mini retreats, I will listen to the energy and feel into what is needed and being asked for by the group energy. There is some structure to The Online Mini Retreat but it's also intuitively guided by the energy of the group, so each experience is unique and different.


Intention's of Safe Space:

- Connect with others in a deep way
In todays world, being isolated is the new norm - right now we need this more than ever. Connect to peoples hearts is our medicine for the soul.

- Feel Safe
This is one of the most important parts of Safe Space - Online Mini Retreat - for you to receive a space where you can feel at home and that all parts of you are welcome.

- Feel MORE!
For you to walk away feeling more grounded and connected, more present and at peaceful. For you to feel more vibrant and alive!

- Expand your Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Range
In Safe Space you will have opportunities to embody and express certain emotional ranges that you may have not felt safe to explore or to express before. Just by being in this space and witnessing others you will have an imprint even if you don't actually express those emotions. This is the beauty of an AMPLIFIED field and being in circle. 




Some of the things that may be included in Safe Space - Online Mini Retreat are:

Drop In - This is an opportunity to let go of the day the week and connect to yourself and come back to the present moment.

Heart Space/Check In - This is a process where you are invited to share from your heart. Share your joys, hopes, dreams and accomplishments. Also your loss your struggles, dilemmas and failures that are current in your life. 
This is an opportunity to give voice to your present moment experience and to be seen and felt by others in your truth.

Embodiment Practices - These help you ground - connect to your body and the present moment. They help release emotional armour that we carry to protect ourselves from being hurt.

Tracking/Embodied Awareness - This is an essential skill and HUGE component of Safe Space. It is a multi level practice that can transform your life and your relationships. You will be learning the Language of the Heart.

Open Circle and Coaching with Roman - Each mini retreat Roman leads an open circle, this is an opportunity for people to "take space" and receive coaching and guidance with whatever is going on in their life at the time. This may be a theme that shows up in the mini retreat check in or something else that's up for them.

By participating in Safe Space you will be able to connect to your own wisdom and guidance. Feel less alone with what you are dealing with and share the load you are carrying with others. You will feel seen, heard and met by the people in the space. You will walk away feeling more centred, grounded and experience more harmony with in.




A little about Roman:

Roman is an intuitive guide, mentor, Safe Space Holder and Co-Founder of Centred Connections.

It's Roman's life’s joy to share with people what he has learned, directly experienced and embodied over the past thirteen years around relationships, spirituality, healing trauma, chronic pain, connecting to self, being in circles, human conditioning, transformation & mindset.

Roman support's people to come into harmony and right relationship with self, other and life. He guide's people to understand their internal landscape so they can become more conscious of their unconscious patterns and behaviours that are getting in the way of what they want to experience in life.

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