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We are all born with the power to heal ourselves. Our bodies hold a sacred intelligence that naturally knows how to heal, maintain balance & be in harmony with self and with everything that exists. Our Ancient Ancestors were highly attuned to this intelligence and innate wisdom. Living in harmony & interconnectedness with nature, living & non-living beings.

Over time and the current times of modern life, as a collective our focus & attention has shifted to placing more importance & value on what is outside of ourselves than what exists within. We are constantly being exposed to & feeding ourselves toxic energy subconsciously. We have accumulated & inherited traumatic memories, beliefs, feelings & emotions stored in the body that create dissonance & conflict within, manifesting imbalances in the mind, body & spirit. This clouds our access to connecting with our bodies natural ability to heal itself


Rei (Universal) Ki (Life Force) is a Japanese healing technique developed in the 19th century by Mikao Usui. Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is an Energy Healing Practice that offers a holistic approach. It works with the individual as a whole, not just the individual's symptoms but also the root. It addresses any imbalances that may be present on all levels - physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Reiki supports the activation & connection to all there is and the body’s natural ability to heal and create balance within.

The Reiki Practitioner is a conduit & connector, harnessing universal energy which flows into their body and out through their palms and the recipient draws that energy into their bodies. The recipient’s body wisdom then takes over and decides where this energy will be of most support to the individual.

Reiki energy is like having a light to shine on dissonant energy that is no longer serving the body. The body then has the opportunity to  systematically release any stored energy at a cellular level that is connected with the imbalance. The body can then commence functioning as intended. Restoring balance and harmony. Reiki can also accelerate personal healing & growth. More importantly it can be a practice to maintain wellness.

Reiki is simple, non-invasive, stress-free & subtle....yet...oh so powerful.

In-person sessions are offered from my Healing Space in the Werribee VIC Australia.

Remote Distance Sessions are also available to those who are in other States or other Countries.

Energy transcends physical space, time & distance, so these sessions are just as effective as the ones in person.

Your location does not hinder the ability for you to receive Reiki.


Session Info & FAQS


Reiki Healing has so many benefits, including:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Relaxation & sense of wellbeing
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, anger & tension
  • Emotional Balance
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improved Concentration & Memory
  • Ability to manage physical pain more effectively
  • Releases old beliefs & patterns
  • Balances the energy centres
  • Enhanced intuition & self-awareness
  • Engages the body’s own natural healing ability, promoting improved physical recovery
  • Promotes healing & growth in every area of your life
  • Greater self awareness & self understanding
  • Increased ability to solve problems creatively
  • Improved relationships, compassion for self, and others
  • Developing deeper personal wisdom Overall greater wellbeing, balance, and inner happiness


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