Welcome to Centred Connections!

Firstly on behalf of Roman and I, we would like to thank our family and friends for supporting us in this new chapter of our lives. Your love and support mean the world to us!

Roman and I are so passionate about self-development and self-awareness. The results we have been able to experience and feel by doing this work cannot compare to how we were both living our lives before. If I could describe it, it’s like being released from prison where you only experienced life in black and white and then suddenly discovering on your release, life is actually full of colour.

We have both been on incredible journeys and have transformed our lives. Also the transformations we have been able to witness in our friends, family, clients and in our own relationships….totally Incredible. We came to realise that the information we have been able to uncover can help support others. All of this though has been done behind the scenes and only those close to us will know the battles we have faced and have overcome.

This new adventure Roman & I are on is incredibly scary. We see this business as our vehicle and platform to share our message and do what we came here to do. It has been a work in progress to even get to this point. When we decided to dive in and do this, I knew deep down that this was going to be our biggest test! One of my biggest fears is to put myself out there for everyone to see. We are essentially offering ourselves up on a silver platter to be judged!!!!

Being rejected or not being accepted is a fear that I have carried my whole life and a theme that has repeated itself through different situations and people. Recently I got to witness this and feel the impact of carrying that fear. I have understood it in my head for a very long time but to actually feel it in my heart, brang a whole new understanding. Feeling that emotion of rejection rather than suppressing it, I gained a direct experience of how heavy it has been carrying that fear and how it has stood in the way of the things I wanted the most. It was incredibly painful but the lesson gained was invaluable.

I have had my run ins with several attacks of anxiety whilst in the process of building our business and our brand. Especially when it comes to posting things on social media, as we speak my heart is pounding as I type this blog. I can notice the fear of what everyone will think of me being there and I can just be ok with it, breathe and let it go.

Going into this we both knew facing our fears is the only way that we are going to grow. We know that fear will always be with us, we are human after all, but the difference is we are not going to let our fears rule our life and stand in the way of what we are passionate about. Our passion for this work is far greater than our fears even though some days it may not feel like it. It takes incredible strength and courage to overcome that.

Don’t let your fears dictate your life.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

With Love, Roman and Annalie


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