Having been on the awakening path for the last 3 years of my life, I have come to understand, experience and observe the stories that we tell ourselves. Seeing it in myself, in Roman, my family, my friends and in clients we come up with a story to validate a certain belief we have and also to prove to ourselves that our story is right. For example in my life I have a story that I am not loved, appreciated or important enough. My whole life, I actually believed this story. My life would always show evidence that this story was true so this story became my reality and I couldn’t escape from it. You blame others for your reality not knowing that you are actually the one creating your reality by believing your stories.

Since then I have changed my perspective and see where all of these stories came from and how they definitely started at a very young age. I can see that it is all an illusion. We react to certain situations, challenges, conversations or comments. Jumping to conclusions that the this situation happened, this person did this or this person said that because… are not important enough.

Occasionally these stories do still pop up for me and I am ok with that because I am aware of what they are…”STORIES” I’ll give you an example: Say your partner is out with his friends and he knows that he is going to be home late, but he’s having fun and loses track of time and forgets to text you that he’ll be late. You are at home stressing out because you haven’t heard from him. You start telling yourself “Why can’t he just text me? Am I not important enough to him to take one moment out of his night to text me and let me know how he is going. The fact he hasn’t texted me means he doesn’t love me. He doesn’t appreciate the fact that I’m here stressing out wondering if he’s ok” All these stories start to plague your mind and you haven’t even had a conversation with him yet. This becomes your evidence to prove your story. But in this instance he wasn’t intentionally trying to make you feel you weren’t important enough. He simply just lost track of time. If you aren’t aware of the stories, this particular situation could trigger a lot of things in each other and if not expressed in a safe space with compassion and understanding this situation could totally go the other way.