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This program was created through my own desire to connect more deeply to my truth, power, and vulnerability. To have a space where I can heal, push my own boundaries and limitations while supporting other men. So I created a group for men to connect weekly for 12 weeks with the same intention - to grow, heal, and connect.

This space is as much for the men as it is for me and that's why I LOVE it so much!

In this Mentorship I don't hold back - I share everything I have learned over the years - nothing is off-limits. I've gone through A LOT especially in the last couple of years.

I have been able to double my income, navigate a very intense relationship with my Twinfalme, learned to set boundaries and ask for what I want. I have overcome many addictions, transformed my health, and my relationship with my parents. Finally, I have dived deep into healing my childhood trauma.

It has been an INTENSE and POWERFUL process, with LOTS of wisdom and Golden Nuggets taken along the way and I want to share them with you.

This is not a passive experience - it requires every men's participation.
I work alongside the group and guide it by nudging, asking questions, reflecting truths, and sharing my wisdom as we go.

This is a group led and a co-creative process - this means that all the men have an impact on how the Mentorship goes as each session is intuitively guided by the group's energy and what is needed at that moment.

The more each man can bring to the space the more I can offer to the men in the space.

This program has a level of structure, we have rules and agreements to follow - this helps creates a safe container for the men to do their deep work

When each man dares to share himself fully and authentically magic begins to happen. I believe that each man that comes into the Mentorship has their own wisdom and medicine to share with the men in the group.

We all have a KEY to each other's healing - This is the MAGIC of the CIRCLE

As a group, we heal things that on our own we may have not had access to. In a group environment, we create an "AMPLIFIED FIELD" that amplifies our feelings, emotions, and behaviors. This allows you to see patterns of your everyday life that you were previously blind to.

This space activates your own truth that may be lying dormant until you hear it from someone else and you receive "TRUTH BUMPS" It's an opportunity to have a direct experience to life and not just acquire more knowledge.


- Sensitive (if this word bothers you - you might be sensitive) 

- Critical with yourself 
- Running yourself to the ground - burn out
- Avoid feeling through overworking or other addictions 
- Wanting to feel more empowered and supported
- Wanting deep connections with his brothers
- Wanting to learn to let go of control and feel safe in the world

- Wanting to experience a safe and supportive environment 
- Feeling like you do not belong (even if you won't admit it to anyone, maybe even yourself)
- Feeling a little lost in the world

- Feeling like you have to prove your worth by "doing" 

- Feeling like you have to be "perfect" to be loved 

- Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
- Feeling isolated, alone and disconnect even amongst people who care for you

- Set Boundaries
- Let go of Guilt and Shame
- Feel and Connect to their Emotional Body
- Express their Emotions
- Get their needs met
- Hold Space for others
- Heal through Relationships
- Understand their Internal reality
- Speak their truth

- Embodiment Practices
- Mother and Father Healing
- Mamas Boy Syndrome
- Sexuality
- Addictions  
- Trauma - From my Experience 
- Power of Intuition
- What it's like to be a sensitive man 
- Navigating Intense Relationships
- Superpower of Sensitivity
- Self Parenting


In this program, you will not only get tools for living - because if your reading this you probably already have LOADS of different tools but these don't help if you don't understand the different parts of you that run your life and why sometimes you thrive and other times you don't.

This awareness is a game-changer. 


This mentorship is designed to help men become more grounded, connected, embodied and feel more harmony within.




- DATES TBC - Will be the end of August start of September -  

The cost of the Mentorship is donation based as we are in these uncertain and difficult times.

We will meet weekly online in the comfort of your own home on a platform called Zoom.

It will be an interview process to make sure that the men joining are in alignment with this space. 


- Limited to 10 men to keep the space intimate & sacred - 





If after reading this, you feel a slight pull, a feeling of curiosity a slight nudge, or if you feel uncertain or even a little scared - I gently invite you to lean in and get in touch so we can have a conversation to see if this will be a good fit for you.  

Please fill out the expression of interest form below and you will receive an email with further instructions about the process moving forward (if you don't receive an email please check your promotions tab or junk mail in case it's ended up in there) 

I look forward to connecting with you soon 

Lots of LOVE,




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