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Are you feeling emotionally stuck or overwhelmed?


Are you experiencing unhealthy & repeating patterns, cycles or dynamics in either relationships or situations that you cannot seem to shift or move through causing you stress & frustration?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself  and/or others?

Do you feel & sense that something doesn’t feel “right” within you, in relationship to another or in any other area of your life but struggle to pinpoint what may be causing it?

Does fear worry & doubt get in the way of you having confidence & trust in taking the next steps you know you need to take to live the life you want?

Do you know in your heart that you are here on this earth to be & experience so much more than what you are living right now?  Are you feeling the deep soul call to step in to alignment with that truth but you doubt the intuitive nudges you’ve been receiving?

There may be some energies impacting you that you are not aware of that are preventing you from moving in the direction you want.

Awareness is KEY...

Let your Soul Speak!

I know how confusing it can be to understand your inner world!

Before I consciously became aware of the impact and effects of energetic influences, my experience of life was

constant overwhelm, stress, fear worry & doubt!

I was stuck/frozen in the same situation for 9 years hoping things would change. It got to the point that the pain of not following the nudges from my soul, hurt more than being in the situation I was in. I couldn't ignore it any longer. I finally worked up the courage to make a decision to move forward to choose me & to choose the life I knew I deserved.

(I tik-toked back and forth within the 9 years but seriously considered it for over 5 years)


Had I known about the energetic influences that were impacting my ability to choose me, to connect to myself & gain clarity that felt in alignment with my truest self, I feel I would have felt so much more equipped & empowered to make the choice to choose me sooner!

Not long after this important decision that redirected the course of my life, Oracle & Angel cards found me once again

(I had Angel cards when I was a teen but never told anyone, it was not socially acceptable in my day)

I can honestly say that I would not be here doing what I am doing or living the life I am living & learning to love myself the way I am now.

These beautiful & supportive cards were exactly the companions I needed to learn to trust in my own intuition,

to uncover things I could not see on my own that helped me learn & grow.

My intention for you

Is to shine a light on any energetic influences you may not be able to see. These influences can be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Shining a light on these influences allows you to access different perspectives, wisdom, insight & guidance, in regards to yourself, your relationships or challenging situations in life that will assist you in learning the lessons you need to learn, make necessary changes for you to grow, empower, accelerate and support you in aligning yourself to what your heart and soul desire to live out this lifetime & come HOME back to yourself.

I am here to be a messenger, to use my gifts as an Intuitive Empath & Healer to deliver the insight & guidance you need to hear

from your Greater Being, your Soul, & Spirit Allies. 

I want to support you in positively strengthening your connection to your own inner wisdom, guidance and intuition, so that you may learn to have faith and trust in yourself and begin to feel just how supported you are by your Greater Being, your Spirit Team and the Universe.

It's time to REMEMBER who you are & to CHOOSE you!

Zoom or In-Person Intuitive Reading 

Choose from 30min/1hr Intuitively led Readings tailored specifically for your needs or set readings. 

This option is for clients who want to connect LIVE whether in person at my private healing space in Werribee Vic or online for those Interstate or Internationally. 

Readings incorporate a combination of intuition & tarot/oracle cards. 

The focus of these readings can vary & cover any area of life or a range of topics that you want to explore: Love, Relationships, Business, Career, Health /Wellness, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Development, Personal Development, Embodiment, Integration , Creative Expression, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Guides, Past lives, Ancestral Healing, Masculine & Feminine Energies, Energetic Dynamics, Navigating Twin Flame Journey, Divine Union, Soul Contracts (Karmic Agreements), Self Love, Self Empowerment and so much more!

Email, Pre-recorded Video or Audio

Intuitive Reading

Choose from a range of different readings to suit your needs.

These are a great option if time is an obstacle for you.

Whether that is being a parent, caring for others, work commitments, running your own business or in another timezone that doesn't sync up to mine - this option is for you.


It allows you to read, watch or listen to your reading  when it suits you & digest the information received at your own pace whilst also having something to refer back to.


Readings incorporate a combination of intuition & tarot/oracle cards. You get to choose how you want to receive your reading.

Turnaround times for delivery of readings are currently 2-5 days

Please remember that what comes through in your reading is never set in stone.

I read & tune into your current energy and can look at predicted outcomes based on that energy.


Energy influences your behaviours, habits, decisions, & choices.

If your energy shifts then so does your behaviours, habits, decisions, & choices.

Which can alter your predicted outcomes. So ultimately you have the power & ability

to create the future you want to experience.

You will always receive what you need to know but sometimes it’s not always what you want to hear.

Often it will authenticate the things that you already know deep in your heart. 

These readings will always be honest, non-judgemental, and unconditionally loving and will always

serve your highest good and for the good of everyone involved.

I look forward to connecting with you 

Annalie xo

"Working with Annalie is like meeting up with your best friend for a coffee. She's got such a warm, bubbly soul and offers her clients a non-judgemental space where you feel heard and supported. It may not always be the advice you want to hear, but it's definitely what you need to hear! And trust me, if you listen to her advice, you will get to where you need to be. Her direct, honest approach complemented with her nurturing and passionate nature helped me to grow into the person I am today. She helped me to find myself and my purpose, which i'm incredibly grateful for to this day. She has a gift with intuitive angel card readings, opening me up to parts of myself I suppressed and needed to be surfaced to heal. She's got an amazing connection to her angels and guides which inspires me every day. Her life experience with strengthening the relationship with both yourself and your twin flame/soul partners has helped me become closer to myself and my twin. She's a soul sister I trust and love with all my heart, and if you're ready and open to transform yourself and your relationships then Annalie is one to have on your team!"


Simarni, Melbourne Australia

Disclaimer: By booking a reading you agree that any guidance given is not a substitution for seeking your own financial, legal, health, business or psychological advice from a professional.  All readings are for entertainment purposes only. You also agree that you are over the age of 18 and take full responsibility of the choices or actions you undertake based on your reading.

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