Wed 25th August @ 5pm - Access to Pre Recorded Sound Journey Activation (Link will be emailed)

Available for 7 days. 


Relax in the comfort of your own home and receive the gentle yet powerful healing vibrations of sound. Your mind, body & spirit can attune to supportive frequencies that can clear energetic blockages to improve mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health. Activate harmony, balance, wholeness, peace, awareness, relaxation & soul remembrance. The sounds & vibrations created are intended to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves which are associated with deep meditative & peaceful states that are highly beneficial for healing & overall well being. Music is a magical bridge to deeper self-connection and connection to the powerful truth that you & your body already know how to heal. Giving it space to do what is natural.


The intention of this offering is to create a Sacred & Safe Container for you to Journey into & explore your inner world. The world is a very noisy place & it can be hard to hear the ancient language of your heart. You are a very unique soul and you have your own individual path here to walk. The answers you seek do not lie outside of you, they live within. Connect to your inner wisdom and your truth. Surrender into self enquiry & self discovery & begin to cultivate a sacred relationship with yourself.


Tapping into the co-creative power of collective energy I will also share the intuitive guidance received for the energies/themes that are coming up with the intention of healing, transforming & clearing. Creating space to activate the energies that we do want to anchor within and experience.


Every journey will be unique and Intuitively led based on the energies of those who will be tuning in. It will be an experience especially orchestrated, co-created and pieced together for the highest good of you, your soul and for all. I will tune in & connect to the energetic field and give sound to the energy that is informing me.


I have a variety of instruments & sounds (live & virtual) that I harness to create an intuitive soundscape that supports your inward journey.


✴︎Voice (chanting/light (soul) language/looping)

✴︎Nature Sounds

✴︎Virtual Instruments

✴︎Crystal Bowls

✴︎Koshi Chimes

✴︎Medicine Drum

✴︎Native American Flute

✴︎Tuning Forks


***Please note: depending on the energy I tune into only some/all instruments will be played***




There is no right or wrong way to experience a Sound Journey. You are a sovereign & whole being, you get to decide how & what you want to experience and how deeply you want to go all the while allowing what naturally wants to unfold.


During your journey you may experience different Mind, Body & Spirit sensations which are all completely normal including:


✴︎Physically vibrating/tingling - truthbumps

✴︎Physical sensations/release - rumbling tummy, headache, purging/nausea, burping, yawning, gas, sweating, teary eyes, sneezing, noticing pain/or a releif in parts of body etc


✴︎Emotional shifts/Emotional Release

✴︎Blockages releasing

✴︎Answers to your questions/new insight & perspective

✴︎Inspiration/creative ideas

✴︎A sense of deep connection with your intuition

✴︎Connection to your higher self and helping spirits

✴︎Deep relaxation


✴︎Outter Body Experience

✴︎Past Lives/Future Self

✴︎Memory retrieval

✴︎Feeling Hot/cold

✴︎Falling asleep


You may experience none of these things and that’s ok too, please trust that you will receive exactly what you need.

After the Sound Journey Activation it is not unusual to experience the above in the following days after.



✦✦✦There will be an Integration Support Session availble a week after the release of the pre-recorded session for those who wish to ground, integrate & learn to embody the insights/medicine/wisdom into their everyday reality. A link to register will be available with the release of the Sound Journey Activation. ✦✦✦





For an immersive experience find somewhere you will not be disturbed for the duration of the journey, a comfy spot to lie or sit, headphones are recommended & an eyemask (optional) to minimise physical distractions so you can lean into and surrender to your intuitive nature.


You may also want to bring a journal or something to write on for messages or inspiration you receive.


Please come with an open heart, an open mind, your intention & most importantly your willingness to remember who you are!




Looking forward to connecting with you!

With Love Annalie xo


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