Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Drum Journey
Sun, 12 Jan | 3 Loop Rd, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Drum Journey

In this sacred space, you are invited to open yourself to receiving & experiencing the powerful Medicine & Healing Energy of Australian Ceremonial Cacao in partnership with The Medicine Drum & Centred Connections.
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Time & Location

12 Jan 2020, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEDT
3 Loop Rd, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia

About the Event

In this sacred space you are invited to open yourself to receiving & experiencing the powerful Medicine & Healing Energy of Australian Ceremonial Cacao in partnership with The Medicine Drum & Centred Connections.

● RECONNECT & OPEN Your HEART with the assistance of the beautiful Spirit & Sacred plant medicine of Australian Ceremonial Cacao.

● RECONNECT with the Heartbeat & Resonance of MOTHER EARTH through the Medicine Drum and in turn CONNECT deeply to yourself  & REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE (because You are NATURE)

● JOURNEY Inward to HEAR the voice of your Own SOUL. Begin Cultivating a relationship & RECONNECTING with your INNER SELF & access more Clarity, Guidance & Knowing, that will assist you on your chosen path

● ACTIVATE the path of the HEART… ACTIVATE the Organic Template of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for Self and Others.

● EMPOWER yourself to create consciously what you want to experience and CLAIM BACK YOUR POWER

● LET GO of things that are no longer serving you.

● HEAL Wounds and Recognise that you are already WHOLE

This experience will be Intuitively guided and is intended to be a co-creative process alongside those who feel called and choose to attend. It will be an experience especially orchestrated and pieced together for the highest good of you and your soul. These experiences will always vary and be unique based on the energy of the group that will be attending.

We will harness the power of group energy - the amplified field, holding a container for all of our intentions to manifest and to be experienced. Allowing space for Connection, Healing & TRUST that we will each receive exactly what we need.

Whether you are new to Ceremony & Journeying or you have experienced it before...You get to decide how & what you want to experience and how deeply you want to go all the while allowing what naturally wants to unfold. This space is a safe space for you to explore your connection to yourself. All is welcome.

+++ Limited Spaces Available for an Intimate Experience ++



Roman and Annalie are the co-founders of Centred Connections they are Conscious Relationship Mentors and are committed to facilitating experiences for people to reconnect to their true and authentic selves.

Roman - is a Life Coach/Mentor, Transformational Space Holder, Intuitive Guide & Facilitator

Annalie - is a Life Coach/Mentor, Intuitive Reader & Guide, Empath, Energy Healer & Facilitator


****Please know drinking Cacao is optional, this will not affect your ability to participate in the Ceremony and the Drum Journey****

****If you have high blood pressure, have a heart condition, pregnant or are on anti- depressants please send us a PM or email us  to advise, before committing to a space.****

Cacao is a very gentle ancient plant medicine that was used by the ancient Mayans & Aztecs ceremoniously and medicinally. They tapped into the many healing and supporting  benefits of chocolate. Working with the spirit of Mama Cacao, we have the opportunity to open a door to our inner self, where the wisdom & love of our heart and soul resides. It can bring clarity, direction, joy, creativity, grounding, heart connection, healing, release and so much more.

The Ceremonial Cacao that we chose to partner with (and who also found us) is Australian Ceremonial Cacao. We absolutely love the batches we receive from Leena who works alongside the Australian Aboriginal Ancestors to infuse the Cacao with intention and without fail we feel it always. Below I have taken excerpts from Australian Ceremonial Cacao Website, explaining what Ceremonial Cacao is and specifically the Ceremonial Cacao Leena Sources - For more information please check out Leena’s website:

Excerpts from Australian Ceremonial Cacao Website:

“Ceremonial grade Cacao is a grade above the rest. Every other chocolate product that you will buy (and that includes raw organic powder) has had the cacao butter and fibres separated and many elements stripped from the product. Ceremonial Grade Cacao has had minimum tampering of the beans integrity. The bean is lightly roasted de-shelled and ground on a stone grinder”

“This Cacao is an ancient Peruvian strain called Criollo. It is wildly grown in the hills of a small village called Tarapoto, in the San Martin Region of Northern Peru. This region has absolute optimum conditions for wild growing Cacao! This Cacao is Certified Organic and Fairly Traded by FLOCERT. Money is also redistributed to the continuous support of the farmers community, as well as buying tools and education for sustainable farming practices and schooling in the local village.

​The Cacao nut has the highest level of Magnesium in any food product! It is filled with so many other goodies such as Theobromine which regulates blood pressure and improves blood flow, reducing the building of plaque on arterial walls and release the 'happy' chemicals in the brain. Flavonoids which are an antioxidant that fights free radicals within the body, reducing the effects of aging and environmental damage. Both these antioxidants improve mental and physical health as well as relax tense muscles AND reduce inflammation in the body! (possibly why we women reach for chocolate during PMS!) It contains Iron, Phosphorus (bone strength), Zinc (immune system and recovery), Calcium, Copper (works with iron to absorb into the body/ produce red blood cells), Manganese (bone strength), Potassium (reduce menstrual cramps, healthy skin), healthy fats, Vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, Dietary fibres and the list goes on. No wonder this is called Plant Medicine to the Mayans right!”



Journeying was an Ancient practice that Shamans regularly used Ceremoniously and Medicinally. Shamanism dates back to more than 100,000 years spanning many continents. Our Ancestors would use the drum as a healing tool, one of the ways they would use the drum was Journeying. They used the drumbeat as a facilitator (riding the beat) to travel to the realms of the unseen (Dreamtime) where more than your 5 physical senses begin to awaken. Gaining access to your true inner self and your own internal wisdom. Connecting with helping spirits that can support you on your journey and who love you unconditionally and respect your sovereignty. This practice allows you to begin cultivating a deeper relationship to the truth within your heart and to your Soul.


● Lowers stress.

● Improves concentration.

● It helps you connect more deeply with your own body, your heart and Mother Earth.

● Opens up acceptance of self.

● Supports cardiovascular health.

● Boosts your overall immune system.

● Induces a deeper self-awareness by prompting synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves 

   (creating a connection between hemispheres) enhancing deeper meditation.

● It helps to release negative feelings, emotional trauma & energetic blockages.

● Reduce tension and anxious feelings.



- Wear loose comfortable clothing

- Water

- A Mug (We will also have cups available)

- Eyemask (We will also have eyemasks available)

- Any items that hold significance that you would like to journey

  with (crystals, pictures, oracles)

- A pillow, blanket & yoga mat (for your comfort - we will have

  yoga mats but are quite thin - you are welcome to bring your

  own if you prefer)

- A Journal or some paper for reflection after the Journey

- An open mind and an open heart

- Light snack (optional) to ground yourself after the Journey 

 (eat lightly before the ceremony)

We look forward to connecting with you!



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