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Energy Balance

I am so excited to be offering this in support of the sensitive souls who feel the inner pull and call to work with me. Over 5 years ago my life fell apart and I was emotionally traumatized and mentally at my worst something had to shift and change and I knew that I needed to do something different. This was the beginning of the journey I am continually growing in - Remembering who I really am, deeply loving, and accepting all of the parts of me I've disowned and creating harmony from within. It was at this time that I discovered that I was an Intuitive Empath and that I am more sensitive to subtle energies that reside within me, outside of me, that of others, the collective & multidimensionally than the typical person.


Understanding this about myself allowed me to connect to my true inner self and embrace my sensitivities and use them as a superpower to support myself and others rather than being at the affects of. It allowed me to navigate my internal and external landscape. Energy Healing has been the biggest support for me over the years physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has also been the most powerful and impactful tool that I have used with clients I work with. 

Through working with clients and working on myself I have directly experienced and discovered the powerful effects & influence that subtle energies, the subconscious mind & discordant energies can have on us. They can get in the way of our connection to self, others & to life. They block & lodge themselves into our energetic field and can manifest in the physical body, play out in our lives and consume our vital life force energy. Unless these energies are released/reconciled there is a strong cord that can tether and block you from having access to your true nature & to your power. 


In my own experience, discordant energy can work against your continued efforts and the conscious work you put into trying to transform your patterns, cycles and behaviours. Which delays exactly what you are wanting to experience in this life and ends up creating more disharmony within yourself, in your life and your relationships.


Sometimes these discordant energies are so deeply attached and rooted to past trauma and wounds - your own, ancestors & collective, sub-personalities & soul/fragments, dark energy/entities/ET's, suppressed and repressed emotions, past lifetimes, people, places & things. 


The intention for offering Intuitive Energy Balancing Healing Clearing & Activation Sessions is to support you in:

  • Returning  & Re-balancing your body to it’s normal flow & natural state. From this place your body has an amazing ability to heal itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Discovering the disharmony that may be happening covertly without your conscious awareness and supporting you in detangling & clearing out energies that are causing you disharmony.

  • Claiming your power back from what you have been unconsciously giving your power away to.

  • Activating the dormant energetic templates you have not been able to access due to the negative effects and blocks discordant energy has had.

  • Healing & Integrating parts of you, you have disowned, judged, abandoned  or have shame around. 




These sessions are specifically for sensitive souls, starseed souls, creatives/artists, lightworkers/truthworkers/cyclebreakers who are actively doing their own personal self work and understand self-responsibility. They have a deep understanding about themselves but keep finding that they are coming up against blocks that they cannot physically see or are finding that the work they are currently doing on themselves is no longer as effective. They have a deep desire and are committed to their own self love self acceptance and growth as they see the important role they are playing in being the example of what they want to see in the world.





I have organically uncovered my own intuitive practice of energy healing that blends various vibrational medicine & healing arts that I have learnt, been mentored in & guided through by my greater being. 


I work very intuitively and connect with your auric field, your Soul & your Greater Being and work together in co-creating the desired healing that wants to be experienced by you, your Soul. I use my gifts as an Intuitive & Empath to be a bridge between the seen and the unseen. I have found in the past that my sessions can include facilitating healing between conflicted parts of yourself and also ancestors. Every individual and session is always so different so I can never guarantee exactly what you will experience. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need. 


The sessions usually go for 90mins and consist of 3 parts. 


The Harmonising Energy Healing, Clearing & Activation Session is done by distance. I work with you multidimensionally. You will need an uninterrupted & quiet space to either sit or lie down for the first 30 mins as you receive the intuitive healing. 


After the session we connect online to discuss what unfolded in the session which will support you in understanding the healing that took place. This can usually take 1 hour and can be done via Zoom for interstate and international clients or In person for local clients who live in (Melbourne Vic, Australia)


The third part of the healing is the support you receive after the session. I will be available to support you via text messaging/voice messaging/email in the 2 weeks after the initial session. What I have come to know is that integration is the most important part of the process. We can clear and balance energy as much as we like but if we do not integrate the new energy activated we can easily revert back to the old energy we were trying to clear/reconcile. Integration is where we can anchor and ground  the energy into our physical experience. 






Come to the session with an open mind and an open heart. Bring your intention to the session of what you want to receive from the Healing and surrender any expectations of how it will be received or the outcome so that what actually wants to unfold has the freedom and spaciousness to be what it intended to be. 


Pay attention to your thoughts, your feelings and your physical reactions when throughout the whole session these are ways you can connect to your own intuition and how it may be trying to communicate to you.


As stated above Energy healing is an one aspect and can certainly support you in removing blocks and clearing away energies that are not in alignment with your true self. The most important part of these sessions is the integration after your session. Which is why I structure the sessions the way I do so that I can also support and guide you as you navigate the physical world because guaranteed you will be offered opportunities you must navigate to integrate and align the energy work we cleared & activated. 


Energy always proceeds physical matter. So Before you say “YES” to a session with me please consider that after we complete a session that you will most likely have the opportunity to face those fears, beliefs, stories, patterns or cycles to let them go on the physical level and create long lasting change, which is where you will integrate the healing/clearing/activation. If you are not ready to go there or do the work to integrate - please reconsider.


I look forward to connecting with you!


Lots of Love,


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