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conscious relationship


Our Conscious Relationship Mentoring sessions are very heart centred, intimate, non-judgmental and powerful.We use a range of modalities to help support, guide and empower you in your Relationship.

Roman’s study, which began almost a decade ago, in transformation, mindset and human conditioning, firstly in himself, then with friends, family, and clients, has given him a strong sense of self and his craft

Annalie has a wealth of knowledge that she has gained through her personal life experiences and challenges. She has a deep connection to the spirit realm and uses her gifts as an Intuitive and Empath. She works with Spirit Guides and Angels to support herself and others.

We don't have a “one size fits all” approach to our mentoring. Each session is individually crafted and instinctively guided so that you can rediscover your true potential.

We like to look at all areas of life – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. To help bring these areas of your life into a balance and that works for you. In these sessions, you should be prepared to really “look at yourself”. We will be digging deep, to discover the emotional patterns, limitations, beliefs, and fears (individuals often) repress intensely within.

We support you to move through negative emotions so they can be released and let go of instead of being suppressed and allowing them to dictate how you experience life. We move you into the heart and shift those limitations, so you can break away from old paradigms and move into a new way of thinking and living. These sessions will move you through pain into understanding, from fear into love, hatred into compassion, confusion into clarity and from sadness into joy.

“True love is the unification of the seemingly opposing sides” - Mitch Behan-

Our biggest passion is working on, and looking at relationships with self and your interactions with others. We believe this is the most powerful way to uncover and heal, to come into self-love and acceptance of life, and yourself.

“Relationships are great mirrors to reflect from within, if we stop pointing the finger out there, and search inside ourselves, we will discover so much more about our inner being and begin to love what we initially perceived as unloveable” - Centred Connections -

We believe everyone is a whole, complete and perfect. It is old toxic ways of thinking and feeling that cause these barriers to build over time and get in the way of us truly experiencing this for ourselves.

Our mentoring is not for everybody. It’s not for people who just want a quick fix with little effort. It’s not for people who are not open-minded and would rather be right, than look at life from a different viewpoint. It’s not for people looking for someone else to do all the work and it’s certainly not for people who just want to complain about life and sit on their hands.

We only work with people who are ready to commit to making a real change in their life, for people who are equipped to look deep within themselves and are prepared to reclaim their power and live the life they desire. It’s for people who are open to another channel and path. For people who are sick of superficial conversation and want to experience a profound connection with themselves and others. It’s for people who care about future generations and humanity.

If you would like to rediscover the real you, connect to your true nature, go beyond your limitations, shed social, cultural and familial beliefs and conditioning patterns then we are for you. If you wish to become more of who you are, live out your passions and to come into balance with yourself then……. join us on a journey to your heart.

To start the process of working together, please connect with us below. All sessions are conducted via Zoom Video Conference or Phone (available in Australia only).  This is a really great way to connect and for us both to discover if we are a match and also for us to see if we can support you with what you are dealing with. We would love to hear from you!

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