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Hello beautiful & sensitive soul,

Before I tell you a little bit about myself, I want you to know that being an empath is a superpower.


Yes, I would never have believed this myself until I allowed the one thing an empath is terrified of doing… and that is truly allowing yourself to feel, with compassion… even if you’ve been taught throughout your entire life that it’s dangerous to open yourself up in that way.


I’m here to tell you that you can trust the emotions you feel and by doing so, you experience a whole new expression of empathy as a superpower… imagine:

  • Transforming what you’re feeling into a creative pursuit.

  • Learning healthy boundaries and getting a stronger sense of self {self-love, self-worth and self-respect}. 

  • Compassionately feeling and trusting your emotions… as they actually give you energy and power!

  • Being able to sense-out and read people, environments and the subtle energies and see beyond what’s being expressed through words and behaviours. 

  • Opening-up your psychic powers, connecting to the other realms and harmoniously bridging these worlds.

  • Honing your intuitive awareness and getting clarity on your unique gifts and fundamental purpose.


Many sensitive souls don’t have the tools, awareness and haven’t done the inner-work to experience sensitivity as a true gift… and I know that by finding your way here you are already on the path or in some way, have agreed to initiate this inner-quest. 

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We don’t really know how powerful we are until we start taking responsibility for ourselves and

understand that we have the absolute power to choose how we live our life.”

- Annalie 

Welcome, I’m Annalie and today I’m dedicated to restoring the wholeness of humanity through the power of relationship, by guiding sensitive souls just like you through the integration of your own trauma & intergenerational trauma you inherited, so you can experience harmony and balance and the freedom to be your true self. 


Among many wonderful things I’m a Creative, Sound Healing Artist, Soul Song Activator, Intuitive Empath, Energy Healer, Oracle, Mentor and Guide for Sensitive Souls. My own personal experience and initiation of the Sacred Union (Twin Flame) path has become a very powerful tool to support my personal growth, connection with self, other and the world.


I feel honoured to be the mother of two beautiful sensitive children who like me, have the gift of empathy. They are my teachers guiding me on my most challenging assignment yet… truly facing myself and feeling my connection, so I can be in true connection with them. 


I enjoy play and creativity, exploration, imagination, music, singing, dancing and I especially love doing this soul-work where I can be in real connection with myself and others, it’s truly an honour.   

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Photo by kien virak from Pexels

You know what truly makes my heart sing?

I love seeing people unapologetically choosing themselves. Years ago I uncovered my own pattern of people-pleasing. I wanted to be seen, heard and accepted but something told me I had to alter who I was to experience this. I sacrificed my authenticity because I wanted to survive, belong and experience connection. This is a huge pattern relevant to many people because most of our relationships are built on co-dependency and in addition, we are neurologically wired to fit in to survive.  


These patterns were unconsciously imprinting people pleasing and self-sacrifice as the ‘norm’ to my children. Years ago I found that connection back to myself, I began choosing me… no more having to change me to feel accepted and loved - I could choose my authentic self and experience this {what, I could do both!?} 


My soul work is guiding and empowering you to believe in you, to love yourself unconditionally, so you can express who you are fully in this world.


“To express purity and innocence of the soul is how you come home to love and embody the sacred union within… harmonising the eternal conflict in its many expressions and returning you to wholeness”.

My prime co-creational agreement with Mother Earth is to seed, anchor and activate uncondi

My Story/How I came to be here:


I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Australia when I was 2 with my mother and my step-father. I moved out of home quite young, at the age of 16 just after my parents divorced. I felt stuck in the middle of them, and pressured to choose a side. I learnt a valuable lesson from witnessing their relationship both before and after the divorce… I was shown how co-dependency and narcissism affects families and relationships. This experience was also a divine nudge that shaped my life’s work - one that I am very grateful for.


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