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“When I first came to Roman I was feeling closed off to the world and afraid to be vulnerable with the people I really cared about. Working with Roman has helped have a new view on life and how I interact with it. After each session, I would feel lighter, rejuvenated, energized and hopeful. I have let go of some things that I have been carrying for a very very long time and have a much more clarity around my relationships with the important people in my life. Thank you for what you have provided for me.” -  Daniel J, Melbourne Australia

"Working with Annalie is like meeting up with your best friend for a coffee. She's got such a warm, bubbly soul and offers her clients a non-judgemental space where you feel heard and supported. It may not always be the advice you want to hear, but it's definitely what you need to hear! And trust me, if you listen to her advice, you will get to where you need to be. Her direct, honest approach complemented with her nurturing and passionate nature helped me to grow into the person I am today. She helped me to find myself and my purpose, which i'm incredibly grateful for to this day. She has a gift with intuitive angel card readings, opening me up to parts of myself I suppressed and needed to be surfaced to heal. She's got an amazing connection to her angels and guides which inspires me every day. Her life experience with strengthening the relationship with both yourself and your twin flame/soul partners has helped me become closer to myself and my twin. She's a soul sister I trust and love with all my heart, and if you're ready and open to transform yourself and your relationships then Annalie is one to have on your team!"  - Simarni, Melbourne Australia

“I came to Roman feeling frustrated about my work situation. Going from job application to job application and interview after interview with no solid results. I was working so hard and not landing anything solid. Though a Discovery Session with Roman I saw some things I had never seen before. There was a reason why I wasn't being hired for the positions where I thought I wanted to be. When discussing it with Roman I discovered the desire to travel the world and not be tied down in one spot. Roman's inspired me to take a leap of faith and follow my heart. With Roman's support and inspiration, I have landed the teaching position of a lifetime in the United Arab Emirates. I now teach and travel the world!” - Sherri, United Arab Emirates

“I came to Annalie in a state of internal conflict, confusion and a desire for so much more in my work and relationships but unclear what direction or actions to take. Annalie heard the cry of my soul and responded, picking cards that not only totally resonated with me in their very essence but also their deeper message.  Her personal interpretation beyond the cards was spot on and at times moved me to tears. I felt as though she'd peered into my heart, heard my cry and shed a light on my path ahead, suggesting activities that will help me bring my deepest desires into fruition. If you are seeking insight, wisdom and guidance to help you move forward, or confirmation you're heading in the right direction, Annalie is the person to see. Thank you, Annalie for the hope you've helped rekindle within me and the excitement (rather than fear) about what's currently unfolding.”  - Sherryn, Melbourne Australia

“Being Romans coach and mentor and knowing him on a personal and professional level, I have nothing but awesome things to say about him. Watching him grow and develop himself has been a joy. If your looking to have more financial freedom, self-expression and overall abundance in your life Roman is your man. He sees and brings out the best in people and provides a loving and an open space where people feel safe to be themselves. Just being in Roman’s presence will bring a sense of calm he has that effect on those around him. I have experienced nothing but a pleasure working with Roman.”  - Rachel Anastasi, Melbourne Australia

“Annalie is an extremely professional and amazingly intuitive soul. Throughout the whole process she was attentive to my needs, always exercising true compassion. She addressed all three of my questions with amazing accuracy and provided thorough feedback and guidance. Her suggestions included praying to divine energies, reading certain articles, listening to songs that she felt would resonate with me and incorporating daily practices such as dance and meditation. I incorporated all of her advice into my routines, and they provided me with an immense amount of help in my healing journey. Annalie even encouraged me to keep up with my personal passion of writing and I am so grateful because it has been the most therapeutic outlet. She is truly gifted and I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and support along their journey.” - Ananda, California America

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