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We are so excited to be able to bring this program, Open Circle to our community.

Circles in many different Indigenous communities is a traditional practice. Everyone sits in a circle and passes a talking stick or an eagle feather from one to the other. The person who holds the sacred object is the only person in the circle who is allowed to speak. Everyone else gives their full attention to the speaker without interrupting.

It is an ancient tool that would allow for better decision making, strengthening a community and healing. This is also the way the indigenous’ culture, practices and teachings were passed down.  The Native people believed in the power of talking, sharing and listening in a safe environment. For centuries our ancestors sat in circle, this is how problems were solved and how healing could take place for the individual or for the community. They talked it out.

In the modern world we have disconnected from the idea of connection, heart centred communication and community. We live in our minds and communicate from there. Making small talk and avoiding the real issues.

We experienced this very powerful tool when we were on our journey in the Amazon. A group of 18 strangers from every part of the world sat in circle and bared their souls. In a supportive and safe space, we were free to be who we are and free to share from our heart, without the fear of being judged or criticised for the way we felt. Learning that each and everyone of us, shared some aspect and struggle with each other. Learning, that we are not alone. We drew courage, strength and wisdom from each other's experiences. Which helped us feel ready to face the challenges we each had, going back home. To feel so deeply connected to these so called “strangers” we developed a bond that is connected even though we are seas apart.

This is what is missing in our world today.

Who is this for:

  • People who want to experience the freedom to be who they are.

  • People who are open to sharing themselves with others.

  • People who want to connect with like minded individuals.

  • People who want to dive deeper into themselves.

Who is this not for: 

  • People who just want to stay a victim and complain.

  • People who don’t like group dynamics.

  • People who have no empathy for others.

  • People who are closed minded.

The use of this group process allows a space for developing direct honest and effective heart communication with yourself and with others. To be seen and to be heard is incredibly healing in itself.

In Circle, each person is equal and each one belongs. Circles are an effective way to remove the barriers we walk around with on a day to day basis and allow people to express themselves with complete freedom. When in Circle you can also learn to listen and respect the views of others. The whole idea is to open hearts, to understand and connect with one another. You are not required to share in order to be a part of the Circle. You can sit and listen and still receive the benefits of being part of the circle and the space created.

We are so passionate about sharing this with everyone! Through our own experience of the benefits of this practice, our intention for bringing this to you is to support and provide you with a safe space to experience true freedom.

We will meet once a week for 8 weeks either in person or via video conferencing. The program will require an investment. We can only take a maximum of 10 people. Doing it over the 8 weeks ensures that you will connect with the same faces each week.

Dates and Times TBC


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