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We as a society have lost touch with our connection to the land, to ourselves and to each other. There is a desperate and silent call for things to dramatically shift & change. As a human family we have the responsibility to create a different reality for our future generations, so they experience a new way of living and being in the world. 

Centred Connections came to life through our Divine Union. Its purpose is to restore the wholeness of humanity, the way it was originally intended so that our future generations no longer have to carry the burden of the intergenerational trauma and wounding that continues to be passed on as repeating cycles. Limiting our ability to truly connect to our true selves and our human potential. When does it stop?......It stops with you!

We provide services and experiences that impact individuals, couples, children, families & communities, supporting you to connect to your true self. Creating a strong foundation & uncovering a new operating system of unconditional love, connection, & communication - Creating Harmony within, amongst all beings & the natural world -  Restoring "REAL-ATIONSHIP"

Centred Connections is a way of being, a frequency that is woven into all that we offer as Roman and Annalie. It cannot be packaged up or boxed into a single workshop, a course, a retreat or even a social media/blog post. It is an energy that is experienced and felt through the heart and through the body activating the knowingness of your true nature, calling you home back to yourself & Letting go of everything that is not in alignment with your soul. 



Roman and Annalie were brought together by a series of divine synchronicities. Their meeting sparked the Twin Flame within initiating the journey from their heads to their hearts. Creating harmony, learning to love, accept and embrace their true nature. Through their union, they discovered the important tool of relationships and how you can utilise them in support of your own personal growth and healing.


They have experienced first hand how hard relationships can be to navigate and what it actually takes to experience the love and connection you have longed for. Relationships often mirror to you the aspects of yourself that you do not accept or love which presents the opportunity to see the things within you that need your attention through another. Highlighting the importance of your own relationship to self and how that affects every single relationship and aspect of your life.

They have both journeyed deep individually and together in this work and have directly experienced the transformations and shifts in their relationship to self and in their union that they are so excited and passionate about sharing it with others, so they can experience more love, connection, joy, peace & fulfillment. 


"If I accept the fact that my relationships are here to make me conscious, instead of happy, then my relationships become a wonderful self-mastery tool that keeps realigning me with my higher purpose for living"



The effects of my life inspired my passion and this work. To FEEL the difference of how I was previously living and experiencing life to how I am currently living and experiencing it now, are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I unleashed the powerful lesson of forgiveness and compassion. I was able to turn my pain into courage and wisdom.


I don't have all the answers, I haven't got it all together and I am far from perfect and still have a lot to learn.

In saying that, I have learnt some things that may assist you in having more joy, success and experiencing unconditional love for yourself and others around you. I’m happy to share what I've discovered along the way in this crazy journey called life. This is my story and how I got to where I am today and why I do what I do.




Mentoring Singles/Couples in Conscious Relationship to self & Others
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Drum Journey


1 On 1 Mentoring in the areas of: 
- Conscious Relationship to
Self & Others
- Self Empowerment 
- Self Acceptance
- Self Love
Mens Mentorship
Men's Gatherings/Mens Work 


1 On 1 Mentoring in the areas of: 
- Conscious Relationship to Self & Others
- Self - Empowerment,Self - Acceptance, 
Self - Love
- Twin Flames/Soul Mates/Divine Partners
 Intuitive Soul Reading
Energy Healing
Emotions & Essential Oils - Doterra
Women's Gatherings/Women's Work 

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