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​We as a society & Collective have lost touch with our connection to ourselves, to each other & to the land. There is a desperate and silent call for things to dramatically shift & change. As a human family we have the responsibility to create a different reality for our future generations, so they experience a new way of living and being in the world. 


Centred Connections came to life through initiation & experience of Divine Sacred Union. Its purpose & mission is to anchor & activate New templates of Unconditional Love onto the planet and to restore the wholeness of humanity, the way it was originally intended so that our future generations no longer have to carry the burden of the intergenerational trauma and wounding that continues to be passed on as repeating patterns & cycles. Limiting our ability to truly connect to our true nature, to each other and to the abundant blessings present within our human experience. When will enough be enough? When will it stop?......You get to decide & It can stop with you!


Offering services, products & experiences that serve individuals, couples, children, families & communities who find themselves being called and courageously stepping up to break the cycles & patterns and create something entirely different to what their families have lived. We support people in creating a strong foundation & connection within self to uncover a  new operating system of unconditional love, connection, & authentic communication - Creating Harmony within, amongst all beings & the natural world -  Restoring "REAL-ATIONSHIP"


​Centred Connections is a way of being, a frequency that is woven into all that is offered through Annalie.  It cannot be packaged up or boxed into a single workshop, a course, a retreat or even a social media/blog post. It is an energy that is experienced and felt through the heart and through the body, activating the knowingness of your true nature, calling you home back to yourself & Letting go of everything that is not in alignment with your soul. 


The world needs you to...​


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"If I accept the fact that my relationships are here to make me conscious, instead of happy, then my relationships become a wonderful self-mastery tool that keeps realigning me with my higher purpose for living"


We offer each Month a FREE Monthly Community Call, which is open to anyone in the Centred Connections Community. If you cannot make it live  that's ok you can still receive the recording if you register.


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The intention of these gathering is to co-create a space where we can come together in unity to learn, grow, mirror, give & receive together in connection. 



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